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You Are Never Alone

Product Description:

ISBN: 9781400220991

Format: Paperback

Author: Max Lucado

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Published Date: 15 Sept 2020

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                    In You Are Never Alone, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado will show you that you're stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know. You'll be comforted by the living, loving, miracle-working God who doesn't think twice about stepping into the thorny thickets of your world to lift you out. When life feels depleted, does God care? 

When I hear him say "No", does he have a response? I'm facing an onslaught of challenges, will he help? When life grows dark and stormy, does he notice? I'm facing the fear of death, will he help me? The answer in the life-giving miracles in the Gospel of John is a resounding yes. Do you know them? Do you believe in a Jesus who has, not only power, but a passionate love for the weak and wounded of the world? Do you think he cares enough about you to find you in the lonely waiting rooms, rehab centers and convalescent homes of life? 

You and I long for Someone who will meet us in the midst of life's messes. We long to believe in a living, loving, miracle-working God who won't think twice about stepping into the thorny thickets of our world and lift us out.                
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