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How to Ikigai

Product Description:

ISBN: 9781633539006   

Format: Paperback 

Author: Tim Tamashiro

Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services International

Published Date: 31 Jan 2019

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Why isn't every day meaningful for every person? Is it even possible to live each day in meaningful ways? Sure it is. Let me tell you about a tiny, tiny, tiny little island south of Japan where people live their life's purpose every day. They are happy. They are fulfilled. They are some of the oldest living people in the world. Their secret is ikigai. 

Ikigai is a concept that comes from Okinawa, Japan. Ikigai is a simple but abstract map for living a meaningful life. It has four directions: 

1. Do what you love

2. Do what you're good at

3. Do what the world needs

4. Do what you can be rewarded for 

Although these directions seem simple they are deceivingly difficult to do. This book will transform ikigai from its abstract form into a simple practice that is within reach for anyone. The key is to start with part-time ikigai.

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