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Product Description:

ISBN: 9780358376620

Format: Paperback

Author: Crystal Smith

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt    

Published Date: 02 Jun 2020

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Brimming with deliciously mysterious magic, political intrigue, and a passionate heroine who will do anything to save the ones she loves--this highly anticipated sequel to Bloodleaf, praised as "enchanting, visceral, and twisty" by Laura Sebastian, won't disappoint.  Princess Aurelia's life is upended when the kingdom she thought she saved falls to ruin, a loved one is tragically killed in a shipwreck, and her home country turns against her. With no place left to call her own, Aurelia returns to Greythorne Manor--her best friend's family mansion--only to find that Greythorne has sinister secrets of its own. With enemies closing in on all sides, Aurelia is caught in a mad fight to protect the only people she has left--her family. In her darkest moments, when all seems grim, will Aurelia find a spark of hope from a love she thought long lost?  

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