Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership

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ISBN: 9781400217724   

Format: Paperback


Publisher: Harper Collins

Published Date: 16 June 2020

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Serial complainers, no accountability finger-pointers, or learning-resistant laggards--these culture killers can cost a sales team more than being weak in the hard skills of selling. Learn how emotional intelligence and the developing critical soft skills required for relationship-building outperform yet more sales technology and fad techniques. Sales managers need a fresh approach to improve sales results. Research from CSO Insights shows that only slightly more than half of sales representatives (53%) are meeting or exceeding their quotas. This is despite salespeople and managers having access to more sales technology tools, information, and education than ever. The missing link is in hiring for and developing emotional intelligence skills, such as emotion management, self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness, and delayed gratification, to name a few. Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership is written for sales managers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and salespeople looking to become sales managers. It will connect with anyone charged with growing sales in business-to-business or business-to-consumer sales. Shows sales leaders why building strong relationships and the ability to empathize and communicate matter so much in their role. Offers simple steps on how they can immediately improve on critical emotional skills. Provides guidance on how to hire for emotional intelligence to build stronger sales teams. Walks readers through the process of training sales teams on soft skills.

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